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Digital Images International
Digital Images International
Business Nature:IT and Communications
Contact Person:Mr. Bernard LARKIN
Telephone:+61 2 9555 1855
Company Website:
Digital Images International (DII) is a world leader in Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) with more than thirty years of experience in the aviation industry. The DII FIDS package is high performance. It has high reliability, and a long life span. It is extremely fast. It can update all displays in less than one second. Its scalable architecture allows expansion to airports of any size. The system can easily interface with other airport systems using both legacy and modern protocols such as XML. It is multi-lingual - operating in many languages, including Chinese, Thai and Arabic. It also includes a WebFIDS module which provides flight Information on the Airport’s web site. Customers can access real time flight information from locations away from the airport. e.g. taxi dispatch, offices, home, resorts and hotels.