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ACI Reference Book on Safety Promotional Materials


Safety promotion is a major component of Safety Management System (SMS). The use of promotional materials, 5 including posters, graphics and slogans, is often regarded as a cost-effective means to enhance safety awareness. To assist airports to design safety promotional materials, the ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Operational Safety Committee (ROSC) has compiled the “ACI Reference Book on Safety Promotional Materials”, a collection of materials used at the airports of the ROSC members.


The promotional materials in the reference book are grouped into seven areas - apron safety, airside driving, foreign object debris (FOD) prevention, runway safety, wildlife hazard management, safety culture and incident reporting and occupational health and safety.


The reference book is now available for download on the ACI Asia-Pacific website. For enquiries on the reference book or other safety-related matters, please contact SL Wong, Head of Technical and Industry Affairs at