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Small and Emerging Airports Network

Small and Emerging Airports Network (SAN) was formed in the 7th ACI Asia-Pacific Small Airports Seminar which was held on June 3, 2011 in Incheon, Korea for the fulfillment of following mission and objectives.


Mission statement of SAN

Under aegis of ACI, to foster fraternity and share concerns among small airports and improve management, operation efficiency and service quality of small airports through knowledge sharing.


 Objectives of SAN

  •  To build mutually rewarding relationship and share technical, commercial and other best practices among small airports;
  • To establish Working Groups; and
  • To encourage non-remunerative mutual cooperation among small airports with active support of ACI


Chair and Vice Chairs

Chair: Mr. Pedro Roy Martinez, A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam

First Vice Chair: Mr. Robert D. Waloni, PT (Persero) Angkasa Pura I, Indonesia

Second Vice Chair: Mr. Nelperson Etse, Pohnpei Port Authority, FSM

Immediate Past Chair: Mr. PS Nair, GMR Airports Holding Company, India


Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


For further information or to join Small and Emerging Airports network, please contact Ms. Natalie Tsang at +852 2989 8005 or


ACI News

Please send us copies of your press releases and other information that could be of interest to ACI Members. 

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WBP Capability Database

Created with the objective to benefit both airports and World Business Partner members, the WBP Capability Database is a unique platform where WBP of ACI Asia-Pacific can showcase their expertise with examples of projects undertaken or in progress while airport members can input search criteria to look for potential business partners to accomplish their airport development projects. 


The WBP Capability Database is a unique service that is only available to WBP of ACI Asia-Pacific.

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